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With interior spaces it is important to go beyond the finished product as a whole; one must instead consider the finite details.  It is a culmination of these details that brings one the feeling of comfort that comes from experiencing a well-designed, skillfully executed work of carpentry.


It is within these details that I find the most joy; details such as:  salvaging material from previous structures and including them in the new product; maintaining the integrity of the original, historic design; and combining historical elements with modern techniques and new technologies


Each finished product is undoubtedly more than the sum of its parts.




While the aesthetics of any project are extremely important, what I value even more is turning out a product that is structurally sound and efficient.


To ensure the practical use and maintance of each project, I use a variety of materials from hard woods and composite decking to innovative building techniques like rain screen siding.  This results not only in energy efficient, long lasting structures, it also adds to the beauty of the home, and the neighborhood as a whole.


As a general contractor I do the utmost to contract all work related to plumbing, electrical, etc. to local, competent professionals.  I have built a strong working relationship with local building code officials, as well as with a number of architects, engineers and design specialists which results in high-quality, attractive structures. 






The beauty of a room is sometimes more apparent when one can see how far it has come.


Many think of remodeling as a fresh coat of paint and newly sanded floors.  However, a remodel should also mean updating the mechanics of a room or home: wiring, insulation, energy efficiency, wall/ceiling stabilization (including preserving and securing the origianl plaster and lathe), plumbing and a host of other unseen variables.


Again, the enduring charm, effectiveness and solidity of a structure is found in the details.

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